October 15, 2021

Sakura Girl Sexy With Big Breasts

There are many Sakura girls with big breasts, but most of the makeup and outfits are still in Japanese sweet and fresh style~ I didn’t expect it!Today, I will introduce this cute and sweet Sakura Sakura girl with beautiful features and a body like a devil. After wearing the improved cheongsam, there is no sense of disobedience!On the contrary, it is both sexy and cute, which makes people feel a little in love in an instant! “Sasaki きさきMany netizens should be familiar with the name “(kisaki)”. It is der. She is a dental hygienist who used to be popular. She has a super unscientific and hot curve, big breasts + vest line + hips, which is really foul!But wearing dental uniforms is a different kind of style-the huge contrast makes many people stuck in it.I usually like to show sexy bodySasaki きさき(kisaki), I also tried to wear cheongsam recently. The design of bursting breasts in the middle and the two pieces of cloth erected with bands on the side make her good figure impossible to hide~ With the cute toe cap, isn’t it an instant Remember Chunli? Sasaki きさき(kisaki) is not only a dental hygienist, but also a professionally licensed diver!No wonder her body is maintained so healthy and beautiful~ The self-disciplined girl has a fulfilling life and her appearance is also very eye-catching!Portal IG: ____kisaki_____ Text / Weiwei WEI The elevator encounters “ferocious headlights”! ▶ Surfing was surprised to see “Bikini Mijiri” dominate the beach ▶ Taiwan’s biggest “positive girl nurse” fiercely filled the screen! ▶ The picture is extracted from the Internet, if you have any questions, please send a private message
beautiful girl


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